Interior Designer Insider: Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Whether a micro-apartment in the city or a tiny home in the mountains, small space living has never been more popular. While you may not opt for the least amount of square feet possible like those mentioned above, you may, however, be faced with decorating a smallish space of your own. 

Small living rooms offer a myriad of opportunities to exercise a lot of creativity and individualism. You can transform less than optimal size spaces into beautiful, comfortable, and functional rooms for everyday living and entertaining family and friends. Ideally, small living room design will incorporate decorating ideas that include:

Multi-Functional Furniture

In small living rooms, furniture that meets multiple needs is essential. Examples include ottomans and coffee tables that have built-in storage and nesting tables that can be used as end tables and trays for buffet dining.

Seamless Functionality

A smooth flow of traffic, proper lighting, and comfortable seating placed within easy reach of tabletops for resting food and drinks make for an inviting gathering place. Great function and comfort are just as important as beauty when designing your living space.

Big Beautiful Wall Art

Large paintings and galleries of framed art add visual interest and when done right can make a small space appear larger.

Portable Furniture

Pieces that can be moved about your living room with ease is essential to its function. Armless upholstered chairs on castors and small ottomans that can be moved into the living room for extra seating are great examples of easy moveable furniture.

Area rugs

Whether you choose antique, contemporary, or eclectic, these versatile floor coverings can bring expressive life to small living rooms with hard flooring.

Strategic Furniture Placement

Configuration of seating to encourage conversation, as well as to emphasize the room's focal point, perhaps a fireplace, are ways to enhance a small living room's design with thoughtful furniture placement.

While a small living room or square-foot challenged house doesn't seem like a large enough project to retain the services of a designer, we beg to differ. We would love to help you create a beautiful, functional, and comfortable home. Find out more about our services on our website by contacting us today!

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