Pure Bliss: Bathroom Decor for Your Modern Bath

 Once you’ve laid a spectacular foundation for your modern spa-like bath with flooring, fixtures and faucets, bathtub or shower surround, and of course lighting and much more. Then it’s time to add the finishing touches with amazing bathroom décor.

Neutral bathroom. Paula Interior Project

To give you inspiration for this final chapter in your redesign or new bathroom design, we’ve curated blissful ideas to get you started below. 

Fresh Flowers

An arrangement of fresh flowers and greenery can add to the serenity of the bath as well as add an infusion of color. Whether large or small (as best suits the size of your space) living plants enhance a room’s natural environment. 

Wall Art

Copy of Bathroom- Interior Design- Art Curation by Paula Interiors

Today’s modern bathrooms offer the perfect opportunity to showcase large colorful art, but there are lots of spots for smaller paintings or groupings. Choose carefully--only install artwork that can live happily in a sometimes-steamy environment.

Copy of Bathroom- Interior Design- Art Curation by Paula Interiors

Countertop Accessories

In the modern bath, less is indeed more. Choose wisely here. Don’t clutter the countertop. It’s valuable real estate you don’t want to waste. A good rule to go by is each piece should serve a useful purpose or contribute to a visually interesting space.

Guest Towels

Hand or guest towels are one of those functional items that can add both color and texture to your bathroom décor. Other towels should either be at the ready behind vanity doors or find a place on a bathroom shelf. For a spa inspired bathroom we’ll always be partial to pure white fluffy towels.


Another of those functional items that can add color and texture to the bath is something that might be considered mundane. Liquid hand soap is available in an array of appealing colors and containers that range from simple glass bottles to spectacular crystal ones. Bar soap has reached a whole new level. You’ll find bars in endless colors and textures, many hand-poured and wrapped in gorgeous papers. One bar or several, wrapped or unwrapped, scented or unscented; these soaps can add that special touch to your bath.

 Accent Rugs

To bring a touch of color and pop of pattern to the bathroom, choose an accent rug in a design that makes your heart beat just a bit faster. We especially love the look of antique motif hand-knotted rugs in vibrant colors of blue, pink, orange, green and yellow. 

These are just a few of the many bathroom décor ideas that can ultimately help turn a beautiful modern, sleek space into an inviting getaway--a space the melds form and function to create one perfect whole.

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