Do I Need an Interior Designer? 7 Reasons Why You Do

why do I need an Interior Designer?

When faced with designing a new home or redecorating an existing space, many people consider hiring an interior designer is a luxury, not a necessity. However, there are so many reasons why hiring a professional designer should not be considered an extravagance, but rather, a wise investment that saves money.  

The financial aspect aside, an interior designer, with your desires and requirements in mind, will help you achieve a home you will love living and entertaining in. Not only will high aesthetics be yours, but a welcoming interior with all the creature comforts and details you never knew you needed or were even possible!

Still not convinced you need to hire an interior designer? You'll find a myriad of reasons and benefits of why you need an interior designer to create the inviting, well-appointed spaces you deserve.

1.    Get the look you want the first time

When you hire a professional, the collaborative design process creates an environment reflecting each client's style.  Many homeowners who tackle do-it-yourself design projects fail to achieve the results they hoped for.  An interior designerwith years of education and experience can help you attain the look you've dreamed of. You will get it right the first time when engaging the services of a designer. 

2.    Work with Existing Furnishings

A designer can access your room and come up with pieces to fit with many of the items you already have. Have a few heirloom pieces and favorite found objects? No problem, an inventive interior designer can create a whole room around them to make them a focal point. Interior designersare often faced with clients who have lived for decades and collected many items they wish to keep, but simply want to freshen the look and feel or a room or require new furniture as existing pieces have aged or gone out of style. 

Of course, they will also let you know if something you already have isn’t in your best interest to keep whether it is not in keeping with the style you want to achieve, or it inhibits the functionality of your space. 

3. Avoid dangerous mistakes

Without expertise, many mistakes can be made, and some may even lead to hazardous living situations. For example, installing a high-polished marble tile in your bathroom creates such a slippery surface when wet a terrible fall may occur. Sometimes we don't have the experience required to understand the outcome of some of our initial choices. It may look fabulous but be dangerous. A professional designer could have offered creative solutions for obtaining that high-polished look without the danger.

4.   Skip costly mistakes

Often, we meet with new clients where the entire contents of their home make them unhappy. For example, they may have bought living room furniture that isn't what they wanted or needed to suit their space and uses. So, then they by decorative accessories to cover up the aesthetic or provide comfort the living suite doesn't. When it doesn't quite do the job, they might buy a piece of art or other pieces of furniture in hopes of making the room work without success. 

They are not pleased with the outcome and regret having invested so much in furnishings that do not speak to their style. They don't want to spend more money, so they must live in a home that doesn't make them happy or spend even more to get the look they were trying to achieve in the first place. Hiring a designer could have avoided this unfortunate situation. 

5.    Access latest trends and technology

Designers make it their job to stay on top of the latest trends and technology. Smart home technology, high-end kitchen/bath trends, and sustainable design are but a few of the many trends on designer's radar right now.  There are intensive and simple advances that can make a big difference in people's day-to-day lives. A professional would know about these things, but often the average person would not.

6.  Obtain exclusive goods and services

Interior designershave tons of resources and libraries of goods they have access to that the retail customer often do not. From the finest fabrics to high-end case goods at sometimes discounted prices, designers know where to find the best products at the most cost-effective price points. The have developed extensive networks for each phase and room of a project and will choose those that lasting and efficient. Retaining a designer will give you insider superpowers when furnishing your home. 

7.   Have a Stress-Free Enjoyable Experience

Attempting a do-it-yourself design project can be very time consuming and stressful. Not only does it require a lot of time and effort, but it can also cause conflicts with family members who have different styles or ideas of how things should function. 

Hiring a professional designer allows you to continue to live your life while getting a design that you love. Designers are also equipped to work through conflicts among family members to find solutions that make everyone happy. These solutions could also include planning for an aging parent that might live in the home or finding creative ways to help ease some stress for a family with young children and several pets.

A designer acts as a project manager, taking the everyday details of a new home build or redesign on so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. From coordinating a tile install to purchasing wallpaper, an interior designerbecomes your partner in handling all the to-dos you would have had to handle on your own otherwise. 

Most people would never try to build a house on their own – they would hire an architect and a builder. The same goes for hiring electricians and plumbers – experts in their fields. Hiring a professional designer should be no different. We would love to help you create a beautiful, functional, and comfortable home. Find out more about our services on our website by contacting us today!