Elements for an Eye-Catching Nursery Decor

Nursery Pink

Move over gender-neutral yellows, pastel pinks, and soft-hued blues, today’s contemporary nurseries are all about eye-catching color, bold pattern, and magical metallics! When decorating baby’s first room, you’ll find exciting new possibilities beyond past trends and typical furnishings to spark your little one’s (and yours) imagination and creativity. 

Based on our latest nursery design shown in the images below, we’ve curated a collection of essential elements to make your baby’s nursery visually stimulating and fun.

Go Bold Palettes

Beyond the typical toddler room canvas of bright primary colors, bold palettes can be achieved using warm secondary and intermediate colors such as yellow, orange, fuchsia with touches of cool blue, green, and grey. 

Nursery Gold Accents

Opting for walls painted in white or eggshell can leave many possibilities for pops of color and pattern to be introduced on bedding, upholstery, floor coverings, and even a wallpapered feature wall.  

Big Beautiful Botanicals 

Go ahead, introduce those big blooms and fanciful flora you love in the rest of the home into baby’s space. Whether you choose a dynamic wallpaper background for behind the crib as shown in our nursery design or a floral motif bursting with blooms on the bedding or rug, you and your little one will adore the beauty of oversize botanical prints.

Plenty of Pattern

Despite what you may think as a hard rule of thumb, don’t be afraid to mix two or three patterns for a layered look. Our nursery boasts an all-over circle pattern on the rug, and blooming vine patterned wallpaper. But you can alternately add patterns in smaller amounts on toss pillows, bedding, or drapes.

Art for babies

However, when mixing pattern, be sure to include broad swaths of solid neutral elements such as window treatments and upholstery. Too much pattern can be chaotic and busy, creating a sense of confusion and overstimulation. 

Magical Metallics

Contemporary and modern nurseries beg for gleaming touches of brass, gold or silver. Metallic finishes on lighting, accessories, and furniture hardware will provide just the right amount of sparkle for a bit of magic. 

Metallic touches in our nursery design are introduced through modern brass floor lamp, light fixture, accent table, and the objets d’art perched on the dresser shown here. 

Wondrous Wall Art

Nursery Decor.png

Inspire baby’s creativity with adventurous artwork such as those we hung above the nursery chair here. From magical unicorns to preening peacocks, there is a wondrous world of art just waiting to enchant your child. Modern abstracts and lively landscapes can also add captivating color and unusual shapes to enhance your baby’s play and learning time. 

If you are inspired with the nursery ideas shared here but feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to get started. Look no further for an interior designer in Chicago to help design a beautiful nursery for your little one. Enchanting and eye-catching nurseries like the one featured here are one of our favorite projects. We can help design, furnish, and decorate your baby’s space beautifully. Click here to book a consultation today.

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