Why You Should Consider Custom Furniture

The furniture you choose can have a huge impact on any room design. Whether you live in a tiny condo or a large home, a custom piece of furniture is an excellent way to personalize your space. It’s also sometimes the only way to get exactly what you want.



Custom Furniture Fits

Designing for smaller or oddly-shaped spaces is difficult, especially if you are relying on traditional mass-produced furniture pieces. When you buy a custom piece, you can have it made to fit the space that you live in. While traditional furniture can be modified, it’s often less expensive to have the piece made for your space from the beginning - something that many homeowners find quite surprising.

And it’s not just size. It’s often hard to find a mass-produced piece that exactly fits your vision of a space. Usually something is always just a bit off; whether it’s the materials, the color, or the size, it can be hard to find a traditional piece that is just right for what you want.


Custom furniture is very versatile. Need some extra storage? Have a custom bench, ottoman, or even sofa made. Extra storage can be incorporated right into the piece. Need a bookshelf that features a few adjustable vertical shelves? A custom furniture maker can do that for you. It’s a great way to ensure you get exactly what you need.




Custom furniture is often much higher quality than mass-produced features. Because your piece isn’t being made on an assembly line, the maker can create your piece out of whatever materials you choose - including higher quality materials than you’d normally find in a furniture factory. Of course, higher quality materials also means that your custom furniture will last much longer than a piece that’s been mass-produced in a factory - which brings us to our next point.


One thing that trips many people up when they’re shopping for custom furniture is the cost. While the initial price can sometimes cause a bit of sticker shock, this can always be lowered based on the materials you choose. It’s also very important to remember the value that you’re getting. When you order a custom-made piece of furniture, you’re getting exactly what you want and expect. You’ll get to choose the dimensions, shape, features, and even materials that your piece is made from. So, yes - it may initially be more expensive than a mass-produced piece of furniture, but it will also carry more value. It will be made exactly for you and the space you’re creating.

So the next time that you’re looking for the perfect piece to fit your newly-designed living room or bedroom, consider ordering some custom furniture instead. Not only will you be pleasantly surprise at the many options available to you, you’ll be happy with the quality and value that you’ll get as well. A custom-made piece is something you can keep for years - and there’s nothing quite like seeing something that was made especially for you and your space every day.

Talk to you soon,

Paula R