Color and Furniture trends for 2019

If we had to pick one word to exemplify the paint and furniture trends for 2019, it would be 'Comfort.' Not the down-home but upscale comfort of the Modern Farmhouse, instead this comfort is personified by beautiful fabrics begging to be touched, easy-on-the-eye paint colors, and gently curving forms in the furniture. 

Walls have color again



Wall color trends suggest bolder but still muted hues than we have seen in the past few years, and we will see softer pastels in some of the private areas of our homes. Pink has morphed into blush, for example. Subtle warm colors prevail; the cool blue-grays of the gray trend are at the end of their ten-year cycle.

 From Pantone's Living Coral at one end of the color forecast continuum for 2019 to Benjamin Moore's cool gray Metropolitan, the color palette we will see is varied, and there is a color here to compliment all the moods, styles, and auras we are creating in our homes. 

Jewel tones  - green and navy in particular -- co-exits beautifully with the soft muted colors because they are all the colors of nature -- almost any color combination from Mother Nature works. 
Wood colors are following the trend with lighter, more natural finishes. Natural walnut, for example, is a warm-blooded mid-to-lighter-toned wood. Use it on floors, in furniture, and in curtain rods.

The softer side of furniture



With the urge to get cozy, stay warm and safe and snuggle in, furniture trends for 2019 reflect this ease of living, but with a luxurious twist. Curved edges, soft tufting, concave sofa fronts and slightly over-stuffed cushions invite lingering; they encourage us to take time for ourselves.  

Because our living spaces are tending to smaller rather than larger, acrylic coffee tables, side tables, and chairs add the needed function while keeping the visual impact low -- helping support and reaffirm the 'less is more' credo of today's decorating.  

Furniture is smaller in scale, overall, to fit better in these more compact spaces, but always with an eye first to comfort. We won't be seeing  'beautiful to look at but uncomfortable to sit on' furniture this year. Even the tufted backs of the new traditional sofas invite lingering -- in part due to the exceptional hand and allure of today's velvets and chenniles.

Just remember that one word: 'Comfort.'

Talk to you soon,

Paula R