Four simple tips to transform your living room into a wow space.

The holidays are around the corner so lets create one you will always remember. A kind of holiday that will have your guest talking about it for weeks not only for your delicious food but also for your fabulous decor. Here are four tips that will make that boring living room into a wow welcoming space.

1. Place an ottoman next to your favorite chair, rest your feet and start to unwind. 

2. Place a throw over the sofa. It can bring a new color and texture, as well as, getting you warm this cold season. 

3. Bring a cozy atmosphere to the room by placing buffet or table lamps. 

4. Accessorize using warm colors and textures 

All the pieces shown are custom and available for sale. If you need any help selecting whats best for you and your home; remember I am a call away!


Talk to you soon,