Give a purpose to your dining room


When choosing a dining table, consider the style, size, and purpose of your dining room.

The architectural details of  your home can be a great help when choosing a table. If your home is sleek and modern, an ornately carved table would look outdated. 

If the molding of your home include rich color wood and carved finials, then a straight leg wood dining table will clash with the architecture. The size of the dining table can be determine the size of the room and the number of people you would you like to seat comfortably.

The purpose of a dining room can be dictated by shape of the table.

Small square and round tables are great for creating a social atmosphere; this type of tables tend to encourage conversation because everyone will be able to see each other.

Incase you are looking to create a dramatic seating, a rectangular dining table will clearly define the head of the table and distinguish the guest of honor on special

If you are looking to host the perfect dinner party , You have a variety of wood finishes, table styles that will create the dining room of your dreams, don't hesitate to contact me when you need help. I can guide you select a table that not only reflects the architecture of your house, but you and your family life style.



Talk to you soon,

Paula R