11 Important Design Rules You Should Consider When Decorating a Space in Your Home

When decorating a space in your home, having guidelines to follow will make the whole process go more smoothly, and you’ll be able to achieve the outcome, the look, and feel, you’re aiming for. The following basic tips are meant to help you focus and enjoy this decorating adventure.

1. Go for what makes you happy! Always. Start your decorating journey with pieces that you love. Every piece you select should make you smile.

2. Be sure the room flows with the rest of your home.  

3. Use one oversized element in each room, a large piece of wall art, a large-scale ottoman, a tall table lamp with large shade. That one element will take your room to another level.

Full Master Bedroom by Paula Interiors

 4. When selecting area rugs, think big, for instance, a rug under the dining table should extend at least 3 ft. beyond the edge of the table, so chairs stay on the rug.

Breakfast Nook

5. Set a budget and plan based on that budget. 

6. Choose big-budget items first. Then, if necessary, you can add smaller pieces and decorative objects over time.

7. If you like to change things up often, consider going for neutral when it comes to big furniture pieces so that you can easily make meaningful color, pattern and texture changes with lamps, pillows and throws, tabletop accessories and more. That way, you can indulge your need for change without breaking the budget.


 8. Achieve color balance by using bold colors, with mid-tones and neutrals.

9. If you have a collection you’re going to use in a room, do not spread it out, display it as a collection, not scattered pieces.

10. If you’ve fallen in love with a fabric or wallpaper, consider framing a large piece and using it as wall art.

11. No matter the room, pay special attention to seating. Make sure there’s a comfortable place to sit. Even in the foyer, if possible, offer a spot to remove boots or simply catch your breath.

 These are just a few of the many tips to follow when decorating a space in your home. They’re what experts in the design world call rules because they’ve been found time after time to ensure your decorating efforts pay off with great results. Enjoy!



I always put in one controversial item, It makes people talk.”

- Interior Designer Dorothy Draper