6 Easy Kitchen Updates That Make a Huge Difference





Tell someone you’re updating your kitchen, and you’ll likely be met with shocked stares. Many people are intimidated by the idea of a kitchen renovation. It tends to conjure up images of endless construction, constant mess, and weeks or months of take-out dinners. But making a change in your kitchen doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. In fact, you might be surprised at how much of a difference some small, easy changes can make.

1.Install a Backsplash: One of the easiest changes you can make in your kitchen can also make the biggest difference. Installing a backsplash not only creates a great focal point; it lets you express your unique style and personality as well. Whether you choose subway tile for a clean, modern look, or a colorful mosaic of tile, a custom backsplash can change the entire feel of your kitchen.

2.Remove Your Cabinet Doors: Removing your cabinet doors to create open shelving is an excellent way to lighten a heavy-feeling kitchen. In a smaller space, remove only one or two cabinet doors, and use the space to showcase eclectic, attractive, and colorful pieces that you love. Dishes, attractive glassware, and even dry goods stored in attractive glass jars all make excellent displays for open cabinets.

3.Replace Your Countertops: This change is easier and less expensive than you think. Swapping older stone countertops for new marble or quartz countertops are an excellent way to update your kitchen. For a few hundred dollars, this one small change can completely transform your kitchen - making even the most ordinary kitchen space into something you’ll want to show off.

4.Swap Out Your Hardware: Sometimes all it takes to change the look of your kitchen is a hardware update. Swap out outdated drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to give your kitchen a fresher look. Not quite enough? Consider painting your cabinets to really change the feel of your space.

5.Accessorize With Small Appliances: Toasters, stand mixers, and many other small kitchen appliances aren’t just functional must-haves. Many of these gadgets come in bright colors or with fun designs. Swapping out your old, dull pieces for newer, more fun gadgets can be a great way to show off your personality and sense of style.

6.Update your fabrics: This can be one of the best ways to change the feel of your kitchen. Hanging new window treatments, a rug in front of the sink, and swapping out your tablecloth or placemats can really change the look of your kitchen. The best part? It’s easy to rotate through various looks as often as you like!

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If it’s out of sync with your style, the whole house can feel off. Luckily, changing the feel of your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few small changes, you can update your space and create a kitchen that you’ll love to cook in.

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Paula R


The Hidden Mystery Behind Martini Tables

martini table

Martini tables are small nonetheless convenient. You can move these from corner to corner in your living room when you need it the most.  These tables are so light that you can pick a table with your left hand and hold a drink in your right.

You can place them between two chairs, at the end of a sofa, or even group them and create an interesting arrangement when you aren’t using them much. 

Beside their weigh, they come in different shapes, colors, materials and styles. From sleek to sculptural, traditional to modern, from wood to glass and from black to white. Martini tables are a great addition to your living area. Now, do you want to get one but aren’t sure what to get? 

Call me, I can help you choosing the one

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A chair for any design Style

The wingback chair is known for its graceful design and comfort. They were first introduced in the 17th century in England and since then it has transformed and modernized. It was first designed to be sat in front of fireplaces, the wings protect us from drafts while keeping us warm.

Although the main features of the wingback chair haven’t changed, the designers are tweaking the curvy silhouette with new materials and updating the legs. Now you can find them in a variety of colors and styles.

These chairs are surprisingly versatile and so comfortable that you can place them anywhere you want to curl up, relax and stay a while. They are a great add-on to your dining room, office, seating areas, bedrooms, in front of fireplaces and living areas. If you need help finding the perfect one for your home just send me a note!

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High-end vs. mass-produce

When buying a good piece of furniture you should ask your self: How long do I want this piece to last? A year? Five years? Do I want to replace it in maybe 10 years? Or, do I want this piece to last a lifetime?

 If you are in the “long last” category, a good, high-end piece can last for about 10 years or more. These pieces are made with certified wood species, multiple layers of veneer, solid wood edges and water proof glues that can be refinish up to 7 times. 

The process of making high-end quality pieces starts with carefully selecting the materials and the superiority of the construction. High-end manufactures will carefully cut each piece to make each individual part of your custom piece. Each part of wood will be sanded many times to allow the finish to be absorb more equally creating a beautiful finish. The finishes are built in the piece though transparent tinted finishes that are sealed and sanded in between. It takes up to 18 steps and three coats of lacquer to complete the process. The result, is a piece that is beautifully and carefully crafted, a piece of art made to last a lifetime.  

But if your plans for the future are uncertain and you rather a piece that lasts only a year or two max, you’ll probably would want to save some money and buy a mass-produce piece.  

Low-end products are made of particleboard with a single layer of veneer made of paper, printed wood or wood grain veneer. On the edges a veneer band its applied, so they don’t have a solid wood for edges and joints. Sanding is a labor-intensive process therefore low end products cut this process making the pieces brown painted finish that disguise the wood grain underneath. Most of the time the pieces are only offer in one or two finishes. Lower pricing furniture most of the time has only 3- 5 steps to complete the finish process. The result a piece of furniture that will work in your space for a while but you will find yourself buying a replacement very soon.

I know, maybe you want the high-end piece, but you think it’s not in your price range. Well, let me tell you that I have great news for you! I work with manufactures that are in the middle range pricing. They can give you the quality and a custom look you want for a very affordable price. These pieces won’t last a lifetime but they are made to last five years or more depending on the use.

So, are you ready to get that piece of furniture you’ve being wanted for long but don’t want to head to IKEA?! Call me and I can help you select the perfect piece for you, one that fits your budget and your lifestyle.


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(Pieces available for purchase)



Sofa Tables... One of the most important pieces in your home.

Lets talk about the history and relevance of sofa tables. One of the most important pieces in your home. Sofa tables became a fundamental piece of furniture in most stylish homes in Europe and USA between the 18th and 19th centuries.  Sofa tables were used as writing desks because of their many built-in drawers allowing people to storage and keep their pens, ink and papers all in one place.

Today sofa tables are way more versatile than back then. They can be moved from room to room playing a different purpose in both decorative and functionality. We used them in open floor plan areas as room dividers, in dining rooms to create a feeling of openness or wherever the space doesn’t allow for a regular buffet table…

In entryways, they function as a great furniture piece to place your gloves, keys and mail. 

In family rooms or small living rooms they are a perfect piece of furniture to store stools, ottomans, toys or blankets. And when having guests at home, sofa tables add an extra table seating that is accessible and easy to use. Sizes, styles and colors in sofa tables vary so you can select one that fits your needs and style. 

Give me a call and I can help you finding “the one” that is functional and beautiful for you and your home.


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