Our style discovery process is designed to listen and collaborate with clients to ensure we flawlessly execute against their vision — and incorporate special touches that make it a truly memorable space.


  1. Initial consultation and insight

  2. Design and procurement

  3. Inspection and reveal


This is for you if your home needs some serious design CPR but you don't have the time or eye for detail to do it yourself. I’ll take care of it all, starting with scale drawings, a floor plan, and elevations. I’ll then put together a color scheme for your project and select custom pieces including furniture, floor covering, lighting, and accessorizing ideas. When you purchase the pieces through Paula Interiors, the entire design strategy is yours at not extra cost.

When you step outside, you want to feel your best, make a statement, and maybe even turn some heads. Shouldn’t the same be true when you invite people inside your home?

Once you work with Paula Interiors, you’ll no longer have to worry about shutting the door on that one “blah” room every time you have guests over and can, instead, start planning a reveal party just to show it off even if:

• You currently spend hours in home decor stores only to leave empty-handed because you can’t make a decision.

• The room you’ve been talking about redoing for years is one of those odd shapes you learned about way back when in geometry class;

• You’re not entirely sure what your style even is (“What does shabby chic mean again?”).

Whether you already have pieces picked out and just want to make sure you’re on the right track or you have no idea where to even start, I’ll help to ensure that every item, fixture, and finish aligns with your space and style.

Do you feel like you need someone by your side every step of the way? Allow me to be your shopping companion and help out with those hard-to-make decisions.

Want to start with a clean slate and revamp a room entirely? Need design expertise on just one aspect of your home such as accessorizing?Are you only concerned with window treatments at this time? I’ve got you covered:

Design investment for Full Service Design projects starts at $7,000 depending on size of room and client needs.



Are you happy with your furniture, fixtures and colors, but you still feel like your space is missing that “wow” factor?.

I’ll help you find the right accessories to make it feel more complete and put together. I can either bring accessories that are available for purchase to your place (and even arrange them for you) or we can custom order the pieces that will fit perfect with your decor.

Finishing Touches start at $1,950, which includes a style consultation, shopping and in-home styling session. Accessories budget is not included but typically starts at $700, depending on the space and items needed.


It’s hard to fully enjoy natural light when your windows do nothing to compliment it. Maybe the size of your windows make it difficult to find anything in the retail world that works or you're simply looking for something that's more “you.” Either way, we’ll explore all the different treatment options for you to choose from, including: Curtains, drapes, fabric treatments, roman shades, cornices, valances, wood blinds, roads, and hardware.

Next, I will provide you with scale drawings and elevations, and you can select from numerous custom fabrics that I will examine prior to your visit to see if they align with your home style, budget and functionality. We’ll consider what’s best for your home and decor so you don’t end up with a style that clashes with the rest of the room.

Best of all, installation, labor, and design is included so you don’t have to worry about shopping around for a contractor.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally look forward to hosting that next family get-together?

Book your complimentary initial consult now where you’ll get:

• Evaluation of your space and its potential so you can picture just how much is possible.

• Clarity on your style to ensure all design decisions you make reflect you, not someone else.

• Overview of the design process so you’re not left wondering what’s included (and what’s not).If you decide to move forward then you will get:

• A Lifestyle Needs Assessment because functionality is not overrated.

• Inventory of furniture and pieces to be integrated so you’re only purchasing the items you need.

• Site measurements and pictures so you don’t set your heart on an armoire that will overtake the room, a sofa that will interrupt the flow, or a lamp that will won’t shed enough light.

Let’s get started on getting that room just where you want it so you can have a reason to celebrate with those you love the most.

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